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Work Injury Rehab and Prevention

Work Injury Rehab and Prevention Program

Bartlett Regional Hospital's Work Injury Rehab and Prevention Program includes prevention and rehabilitation services. The primary goals are to keep healthy workers injury-free on the job and return injured workers to employment as soon as they are healed and fully ready to resume the physical requirements of their jobs and not at risk of reinjury.

Bartlett Regional Hospital's Rehabilitation Services staff work with the patient, referring physician, therapy team, employer and workers compensation insurance carrier.

Work Injury Rehabilitation

This program prepares an injured worker to resume his or her normal work activities and assists workers to reach his or her maximum potential. The injured worker receives skilled physical and/or occupational therapy evaluations and treatment to allow a safe and speedy return to work.

Work injury rehab services may include:

  • Physical capacity evaluations.
  • Work conditioning rehab for strength and endurance of the job's physical demands.
  • Job-site analysis.
  • Ergonomic assessments.
  • Injury-prevention training.
  • Specialized services for hand, arm, neck and back injuries.

Work Injury Prevention Program

This program provides group and individual consultation and training on the job site to reduce the risk of work-related injury.

Work injury prevention services may include:

  • Ergonomics assessments.
  • Back injury prevention classes.
  • Repetitive motion injury prevention classes for office workers.
  • Customized educational programs unique to the employer’s needs.

Benefits of this program to patients and employers include reduced time lost due to injuries. This program provides coordinated services that help keep healthy workers on the job and get injured workers quickly and safely back to work.

Referrals to the program can be made directly by your primary physician. Employers are welcome to call us to see how we can help keep your employees healthy and working productively.

Please contact Bartlett Regional Hospital's Rehabilitation Services at 907.796.8431 for more information.