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Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation is an important part of recovering from an illness or injury. We have physical therapists (PT), occupational therapists (OT) and speech therapists (ST) here to help you get better. Rehabilitation helps optimize the abilities you have and aids you in maximizing your functional skills. We work with both inpatients and outpatients at the hospital. Some of our patients benefit from PT, OT and ST, and others only require one service.

The goal of our multidisciplinary physical rehabilitation team is to help speed recovery from trauma and illness and to restore the maximum level of wellness and function possible. Patients are carefully evaluated to determine specific needs. Goals and individualized treatment plans are developed in conjunction with each patient's wishes and overall healthcare plan. When appropriate, we involve the patient, his or her family members, and other caregivers in developing an overall care plan that achieves these goals. Our patient is the most important member of the team.

Communication with our patients is an extremely important aspect of giving the best care possible. We encourage you to ask questions and give us feedback as to how you see your care progressing. You will be working hard with us for your health and wellness. Your success is our goal.

Services we offer include:

  • Customized treatment programs to improve independence in daily activities.
  • Wound care.
  • Lymphedema compressive garment measuring and fitting.
  • Caregiver and family member training and guidance.
  • Strength, flexibility and conditioning programs.
  • Rehab and orthopedic exercise progression.
  • Osteoporosis education program.
  • Hand/arm therapy, including splinting.
  • Speech and swallow evaluations and treatment.
  • Craniosacral therapy.
  • Programs for decreasing pain.
  • Strengthening exercise programs.
  • Balance, mobility training and fall prevention.
  • Pediatric PT and OT.
  • Postsurgical strengthening.
  • Recovery from sprains and strains.
  • Evaluations for wheelchairs, scooters, transfer devices and home safety equipment.
  • Low vision program.
  • Splinting.
  • Treatments such as ice, heat, TENS, electrical stimulation, phonophoresis, iontophoresis, whirlpools, microcurrent, ultrasound, traction.
  • Teaching the use of assistive devices such as walkers, crutches, canes.
  • Exercises to improve strength and coordination needed for purposeful activities.
  • Manual therapy, joint and soft tissue mobilizations.
  • Neuromuscular and movement re-education.

Our multidisciplinary physical rehabilitation team helps speed recovery from trauma and illness and works to restore the maximum level of wellness and function as possible. Patients receive evaluations and individualized goals and treatment plans.

We also have a monthly specialty clinic where a prosthetist/orthotist designs, builds and fits patients with prosthetic limbs, orthotics, braces, and custom or diabetic footwear.

Our rehabilitation staff is composed of 4 physical therapists; 2 occupational therapists; 2 contract speech therapists; 2 physical rehabilitation aides; and a department manager, who is also a physical therapist. The department hosts a prosthetist and orthotist from Ketchikan for a 3-day clinic each month.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a skilled treatment that uses activity to improve function. It gives people the skills for the job of living. This may include relearning how to eat, bathe or write using specialized equipment or strategies developed specifically to compensate for a patient's limitations. Occupational therapists also specialize in hand/arm treatment and splinting and ergonomics.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy works to prevent, correct and alleviate symptoms; restore functional movement; increase strength and educate to promote health. Our therapists evaluate and treat problems associated with movement, balance, strength, coordination, wounds and pain. Physical therapists use a variety of treatments, exercise and education to coach patients in their return to full function.

Prosthetists and Orthotists

Prosthetists and orthotists design, build and fit prosthetic devices (artificial limbs), orthotics, braces, and custom or diabetic footwear. They also educate patients to use these items safely and correctly. This specialist sees patients during monthly clinics in our department.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy assists with swallowing management and speech and language skills. This may include teaching alternative methods of communicating. Speech therapists also work with people who have difficulty with memory, concentration and problem solving.