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Psychiatric Services

Bartlett Regional Hospital provides a wide range of mental health services, including outpatient psychiatric visits, inpatient care and help for mental health emergencies.

Inpatient and Emergency Mental Health Services

Bartlett Regional Hospital offers inpatient services in our Mental Health Unit.

We also offer psychiatric emergency services. Our approach is to offer no-wrong-door access to mental health and substance use care. As part of this, we provide 24-hour access to individualized assessment and support with behavioral health specialists, therapists and psychiatric providers.

Community Based Crisis Intervention Services

Bartlett’s Crisis Stabilization Services provide short term, intensive mental health care to individuals and families who are experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis. Learn more about our crisis intervention services.

Outpatient Psychiatry

Bartlett Outpatient Psychiatry Services (BOPS) is committed to the mental health and wellness of individuals, families and our community. We focus on acceptance, compassion, kindness and sincerity to ensure healing through coping skills and techniques, education, intervention, prevention, and individualized treatment plans.

Our services include:

  • Psychiatric evaluations and follow-up care.
  • Individual and family psychotherapy sessions.
  • Treatment for dual diagnosis.
  • Medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders.
  • Substance use counseling.

Schedule an Outpatient Psychiatry Appointment (Including Virtual Care)

We accept all insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid, and have self-pay options.

Please call 907.796.8498 to schedule an appointment with one of our psychiatrists. Let us know if you are interested in scheduling a virtual psychiatric visit.


  • Monday through Thursday: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

New Patient Forms

Step 1: If you or your child would like to start receiving services at BOPS, please fill out the appropriate packet:

Adult New Patient Packet

Pediatric New Patient Packet

Step 2: In addition to the packet, we also need several release of information (ROI) forms. Please complete a separate ROI for each of the following (if applicable):

  • Current primary care provider
  • Current or past psychiatric/behavioral health care provider
  • Current school district for patients of school age, where helpful records such as IEP, ESER, or related testing/results have been done


BOPS ROI Instructions

Step 3: Please email the completed packet and ROI(s) to

Additional Patient Forms

Consent for Treatment Form