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Ophthalmology and Eye Surgery

Our ophthalmology clinic allows our community to receive expert care for vision problems right here in Juneau.

Providers in our clinic include eye physicians who are surgeons as well as certified optometric technicians. They’re equipped with the latest tools for diagnosing and treating eye disease.

Eye Surgery and Other Services

While we address a variety of eye conditions, including diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, our main focus is on diagnosing and treating macular degeneration and cataracts. Our services include:

Cataract surgery. For cataracts, we offer cataract surgical extraction to remove the clouded lens (cataract) over the eye and replace it with a clear lens to help you see clearly again. We also provide YAG laser treatment (capsulotomy), which can help if you have developed a secondary cataract after a previous surgery.

Cataract surgery resources:

Macular degeneration care. Our team can provide anti-VEGF medicine injections, which many people with this condition need on an ongoing basis. If you could be helped by this treatment, you can receive these injections here in Juneau.

Macular degeneration resources:

How to Schedule an Appointment at Our Eye Clinic

Our ophthalmologists partner with community eye doctors (optometrists) to co-manage your care. To schedule a consultation, please contact your primary eye care provider to request that a referral be sent to our office.

If you have not established care with a local optometrist, please contact one of the following to arrange a consultation and referral: