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Critical Care Unit

The Critical Care Unit (CCU) at Bartlett Regional Hospital is a 9-bed specialty unit. We are committed to delivering excellent medical and nursing care. The nursing staff has expert training in the particular problems of critical care patients and in operating the specialized monitoring equipment available in the unit.

Bartlett partners with Providence Alaska Medical Center through our electronic intensive care unit (eICU) to provide additional around-the-clock monitoring for critically ill patients.

Visiting Hours

Our family-centered care philosophy offers flexibility for visiting, so visiting hours are not restricted in the Critical Care Unit. Please talk with your friend or loved one's nurse to coordinate times appropriate for the patient, care team and family.

  • Visits should allow rest times for the patient.
  • We request that no more than 2 visitors be at the patient's bedside at one time.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult while visiting loved ones in the CCU.

Waiting Areas and Visitor Accommodations

The waiting room for the families and friends of the CCU patients is located directly outside of the Critical Care Unit. The waiting area is furnished with comfortable sofas and chairs, a phone, television, microwave and refrigerator for your comfort. A wide variety of teaching materials are also available in the waiting room.

A quiet room is located inside the Critical Care Unit for visitors who need more privacy or need to have private conversations with the patient's physician or other caregivers. The quiet room has comfortable chairs and a phone for your comfort.

We have pull-out sofas in each of the patient rooms. If it is appropriate for the patient, a support person may spend the night in the patient's room to help ease the stress of the patient's hospital stay.

Visitor and Patient Health

Preventing the spread of infection is very important to us.

  • Please wash your hands before entering and leaving the patient rooms. Alcohol-based hand cleaner is located outside of each of the patient room doors.
  • If you or your children are feeling ill (fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), please wait until you are feeling better before visiting.
  • If you must visit and have a cough, cold or fever, please ask the nurse for a mask to wear while you are in the hospital.

Please refrain from using perfumes or other personal fragrances or bringing in fragrant flowers. Strong fragrances can worsen some medical conditions.

Remember to take care of yourself while your friend or family member is recovering. This can be an overwhelming and stressful time. Please take the time to eat properly, get an adequate amount of sleep and take some time away from the hospital. This will enable you to provide the best healing support for your loved one. The nursing staff can direct you toward our many support services if you need assistance.

Communicating With Staff

It is best if you designate 1 or 2 family members to be the primary point of contact for the nurse. Having a family spokesperson decreases the time needed for repeated explanations and allows the doctors and nurses a chance to get to know one person well. The spokesperson can then be responsible for relaying information to the rest of the family members and friends.

We encourage you to keep a notebook handy. The notebook is a useful tool to keep track of questions that you may want to ask or information that you would like to share with family members.

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact the patient's nurse, the CCU nurse manager or the house supervisor as soon as possible. We would like to address problems as quickly as we can. Our goal is for the patients and visitors to have a very good experience during their stay with us.