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Breastfeeding Clinic

We are a Designated Baby-Friendly Facility and follow the U.S. Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative guidelines to ensure that the highest standards possible for protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding are followed. All staff nurses are trained in breastfeeding and can offer guidance and support during your breastfeeding experience.

Our clinic provides breastfeeding support services for mothers and babies from birth throughout the breastfeeding relationship. Staffed by international board-certified lactation consultants who have specialized education, skills and knowledge about helping mothers and infants breastfeed, we offer inpatient breastfeeding support as well as appointments every weekday for babies and mothers having breastfeeding problems after leaving the hospital. Our lactation consultants evaluate and treat breastfeeding problems, such as infants with difficulty latching on, excess weight loss or slow weight gain; painful nursing; or other feeding difficulties.

Make an appointment by calling us at 907.796.8975