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Rainforest Recovery Center (RRC) offers comprehensive treatment services for people with substance abuse, substance dependence and other addiction disorders. At RRC, we know that addiction is treatable and success can be achieved when individuals take an active role in their personal recovery.

At RRC, our clients receive individualized care. We provide a thorough understanding of alcoholism, drug addiction and the addiction process, and we help our clients develop a support system to stop the addiction process and prevent relapse. RRC offers residential and outpatient substance abuse/dependence treatment programs designed to help clients and their families achieve success.

Rainforest accepts Medicaid and private insurance. We will also negotiate a sliding-fee scaled payment plan as needed.

RRC is a tobacco-free campus and will not allow the use of any tobacco products or e-cigarettes while in treatment. Prior to entering treatment at RRC, please speak with your healthcare provider or call the Alaska Tobacco Quit Line at 1.800.QUIT.NOW (800.784.8669) to inquire about nicotine replacement products that might be right for you.

Services Offered

  • Intake assessment and diagnosis
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Individual counseling
  • Family and couples counseling
  • Urine drug screens for RRC residential clients
  • Referral assistance
  • Case management services
  • 24-hour emergency services program

A variety of levels of care are available at RRC. Admission into a specific  level of care is determined by an assessment of a person's treatment needs. Rainforest Recovery Center accepts referrals, which are coordinated through our Access and Community Liaison and Admissions Clerk.

Emergency Services Program

If a person is intoxicated and is not experiencing withdrawal symptoms or medical complications and is non-violent, the Emergency Services Program (ESP) provides  a safe environment where an individual can rest until capable of self-care. ESP staff are able to monitor vital signs and transport impaired persons to their home, a safe environment, or to and from public treatment centers. ESP contact information: (907)796-8690.

ESP is not a hospital or detox facility and will summon Emergency Medical Service (911) or JPD in case of an emergency.


Rainforest Recovery Center does not provide acute detoxification service at our facility.  If a person is in immediate danger due to withdrawal, please call 911 for Emergency Medical Services or escort the person to the Bartlett Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department. Emergency professionals are trained to provide crisis care and evaluate the need for medical hospitalization.

Residential Services

Rainforest Recovery Center provides an integration of evidence-based treatment approaches that are effective for adults with substance use disorders. Patients are required to have a medical history and physical completed no more than 30 days prior to entering the program to ensure that they are stable for treatment. Our experienced and knowledgeable Nursing staff will monitor withdrawal symptoms. Rainforest Recovery Center does not offer Methadone. Once admitted into our program, a physician and experienced nursing staff will facilitate assistance with the pain and discomfort of withdrawal.

Clinical staff implement manualized treatments with an empirical basis including motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy skills for addictions, and mindfulness-based interventions. These established therapies are individually tailored to meet specific treatment needs of the person in recovery in a structured and co-occurring enhanced program. The person in recovery will have a team of behavioral health counselors, with a Master’s level primary counselor assigned to meet with them at least once a week

Outpatient Services

Rainforest Recovery Center provides an evidence based, 10 session Outpatient program within a 12 week period.  This format has been designed to fully focus on recovery needs at an Outpatient level of care. The clinical services will not take place in a group setting, rather it will be individualized to concentrate on the person in recovery’s goals and to better support their action steps toward change.  After successful completion of the 10 sessions, Outpatient clients will be offered the choice to join our new, weekly alumni group.

Continuing Care

Once a person in recovery has successfully completed Outpatient treatment, RRC offers the opportunity to join our Alumni group. The group meets once a week to further empower a person’s recovery process as it facilitates a sober support network, recovery advocacy and restoring community involvement.

Office Based Opioid Treatment

Rainforest Recovery Center is offering Medication –Assisted Treatment (MAT).

MAT is for opioid use disorders as it combines counseling and other recovery supports with prescribed medications. These medications help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms that come from stopping opioid use.  Medications  approved for MAT at  Rainforest Recovery  Center’s  office based opioid treatment program are buprenorphine and naltrexone.

Building Your Support Team

Research shows MAT can increase the chances of successful recovery, but medication alone is usually not enough.

There are two other equally important parts to this form of treatment:

  • Counseling
  • Support from family and friends

Recovery support is essential  and may include help from family or friends, connections to other people in recovery and periods of professional treatment.

Is It Right For Me?

Since MAT involves prescribed medications, it is not for everyone. Some medications are unsafe for people with certain health conditions or for women who are pregnant. It is important  for a candidate to discuss one’s health conditions with treatment providers experienced in MAT  and your doctor. They will let  one know  about the risks, treatment options in the area and requirements for successfully completing treatment.

How To Begin Services

Step 1: A RRC application can be obtained on the Bartlett Regional Hospital website, under addiction treatment or in person at our front desk.  Please drop off or fax application to Rainforest Recovery Center.

Step 2:  Schedule an appointment to receive a Behavioral Health Assessment  through RRC or any other  treatment center.

Step 3: Treatment options and level of care will be determined at time of assessment, with appropriate referrals made as needed for behavioral health services. 

Step 4: MAT treatment recommendations will be determined by the treatment team. 

Step 5: The candidate will receive a recommendation letter, highlighting options and recommended next steps. MAT is not right for everyone.

* Please be aware, this program is not designed for emergency  detox admissions. If you or someone you love are in crisis go to  the emergency room for immediate medical assistance.

For questions regarding RRC’s Office Based Opioid Treatment, call us at 907-796-8690.



Specialized Treatment Groups

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based  modality, which is utilized to teach clients healthy behavioral techniques to manage emotions. DBT will focus on the following skills; practicing to be fully aware and in the present moment, how to tolerate pain in difficult situations, how to ask for what a person needs with the ability to say no while maintaining self-respect and relationships with others, and how to change bothersome emotions. DBT has been shown effective in treating substance use and mental health disorders and can be utilized in individual and group counseling sessions.

Matrix Model

The Matrix model is an evidence-based style of treatment designed to aid in recovery from substance use disorders. The Matrix model provides therapeutic psycho-education of early recovery skills, relapse prevention awareness, and the understanding that treatment outcomes grow when the person in recovery incorporates family and social support. Matrix model utilizes varied treatment approaches like CBT and motivational interviewing the meet a client’s needs.

Seeking Safety

Seeking Safety is an evidence-based, present-focused counseling model to help a person in recovery attain safety from trauma and/or substance abuse. At Rainforest Recovery Center, Seeking Safety is utilized in gender specific group settings with the key content areas focusing on cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal and case management.  

Treatment Costs

The cost for treatment at Rainforest Recovery Center varies, depending on the length of treatment and the individualized needs of each client. RRC does accept Medicaid and private insurance. In addition,  RRC offers a sliding-fee scaled payment plan as needed.

More information on specific treatment costs is available upon request by contacting Rainforest Recovery Center’s Office Manager  at (907) 796-8985.

Applications and Documents

Applications may be faxed or mailed to:
Rainforest Recovery Center
3250 Hospital Drive
Juneau, AK 99801

Phone: 907.796.8690
Fax: 907.586.5605

*Required forms to be returned.

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