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Thank You, Bartlett

Bartlett Regional Hospital created this special page for patients, families, and community members to leave positive messages and encouragement for its caregivers. We are grateful for the many comments we have already received offering thoughts, prayers, and more during the only COVID-19 crisis. Please remember, we are in this together and everything we do is to keep our patients, families, and communities safe during the ongoing pandemic.

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Thank you Juneau for social distancing and masking wearing. It's clearly working. To all the nurses, and doctors, and all of the people cleaning the rooms, and making our food. I mean -- it's like the Academy Awards, so many people to thank. The administration of the hospital have been nothing but positive every single day. We'll get through COVID-19. Then we'll be prepared in case something like this ever happens again, which it might. And we'll be smarter and we'll be in a better place.

I am an optimist. Several positive things have come out of this. We are learning like crazy and we're learning really important lessons because we have to, and we have to do it fast. I've seen projects that would take a year take a week. Restructuring the building, putting up walls, making negative pressure rooms-- everything has gone so fast but it hasn't been done in a haphazard way. It's been done in an evidence based way. So we've learned how to communicate better, we've learned how to work harder and more efficiently.

-Dr. Mimi Benjamin, Hospitalist Medical Director

To Dr. Greer, Dr. Anderson, Dr. McPherson, and nurses Rachel, Sarah, and Sam (and anyone else I have forgotten to mention): thank you very much for all your wonderful care while I was in the hospital

Thank you to all the staff at Bartlett. Everyone has done an amazing job to care for Juneau before, during and long after COVID. Please take care of yourselves.

Thank you so much for your compassionate care during these scary days. You are all so brave and we really appreciate you more than words can ever say!

Thank you Nurse Auntie (aka Jesse Higdon) for taking care of our owies and taking care of all of Juneau’s owies. We love you and can't wait for hugs again!

Much love to Heidi (Bartlett Beginnings) for being such a stellar nurse and caring for us during both of our daughter’s births. With Matilda, I remember bursting into tears when you came back on shift with us, I was so happy to see you. You took her to the nurses station so I could get some rest for a few hours In the night, and she came back with a bow on her hat. And 5 years later I felt like I won the lottery that you were there with us when Ophelia came out like gangbusters. Thank you, you are awesome!

Thank you healthworkers for all that you do! God bless you

Thank you so much. Many of us are with you

Thank you all for your relentless hard work to keep our Juneau community safe! As a medical student, I look up to each and every one of you. Again, thank you!!!

I am in awe of your care, of your bravery, of your willingness. I am humbled and grateful for all the ways BRH is showing up for our community. I am wishing your staff, families and circles of support good health, regulated systems, sunshine and JOY. SO. MUCH. JOY. We love you. We see you. We appreciate you.

Cheers, many thanks and virtual hugs to all of the caregivers who have given their time away from loved ones, and health & safety skills, to work through this health crisis! A special shout out to the doctors, nurses, and staff that have kept the Maternity/OBGyn/Pediatrics operating smoothly while mothers labored and babies were born! I'm humbled and awe-inspired by your compassion and dedication to help people heal, be safe, and feel respected. Maraming salamat, Muchas Gracias y Gunalcheesh, from new grandparents of a vigorous grandbaby born 2020 @BRH.

I've been a patient at Bartlett for breast reduction suregery, and two hip replacements, I love the staff.Because of those experiences, I’m a huge fan. I am 70 tears old now, and I wear a mask whenever I must leave home foe groceries or to refill prescriptions. I want to be sure I'm taking steps that will prevent overloading the doctors and nurses at Bartlett. Thank you for all you do to keep Juneau residents healthy.

Thank you so much for all that you do now and when we are not in a pandemic! My mom was a nurse and then an instructor for nurses for many years and I know how much dedication, love and hard work you all do!

I live with Crohn's disease and take immune suppressors daily so I’ve been pretty cautious and extremely lucky that my job at the Alaska State Museum lets me telework full time making mounts and furniture. But YOUR job doesn’t let you shelter and be cautious. I can’t imagine how hard it must be some days for all of you but I am SO GRATEFUL that you are there to do this hard work at Bartlett. Thank you fifty times.