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Bartlett now offers a new Patient Payment Portal and payment phone number for facility billing! Contact our team today at (907) 796-8203 to learn more.

Price Estimator Tool

This price estimate tool is for professional charges for Bartlett Medical Oncology Center, Bartlett Outpatient Psychiatry Services, and Bartlett Surgery & Specialty Clinic. The tool also includes facility charges for Bartlett Regional Hospital, Bartlett Regional Hospital Mental Health Unit, and Rainforest Recovery Center. The professional fees for Rainforest Recovery Center can be located at Bartlett Outpatient Psychiatry Services. These estimates are available by selecting the hospital or the clinic where the services will occur. This estimation tool may not represent all procedures offered by Bartlett Regional Hospital and Bartlett owned businesses.

Price estimate tool | Price estimate tool frequently asked questions

The estimate is not a guarantee of charges. Your charges will depend on actual services received.

For any questions about professional services provided by Bartlett providers, please contact the following locations (Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm):

Bartlett Medical Oncology Center: (907) 796-8720

Bartlett Outpatient Psychiatry Services: (907) 796-8436

Bartlett Surgery & Specialty Clinic: (907) 796-8700

For any questions about facility charges or other questions, please contact Patient Financial Services at (907) 796-8436 (Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm) or by email

Other physicians providing you with services related to your hospital stay or visit will bill you separately. This can include fees related to specialists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, and radiologists. If you have questions about those bills, please call the number printed on their statements.

If a specific procedure or service is not available on the Price Estimate Tool, an estimate of charges for your service(s) are available upon request. Contact the appropriate entity mentioned above.

Gathering the information below will help us with the best cost estimate possible for your procedure.

  • Patient Name
  • Guardian (if applicable)
    • Relationship to patient
  • Date of Birth
  • Mailing Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email
  • Referring Provider
  • Description of Service (CPT code)
  • Diagnosis code
  • Primary Insurance Carrier
    • Policy number
    • Subscriber
    • Subscriber’s date of birth