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UPDATE: BRH Visitor Directive, March 11, 2021

Community news | Thursday, March 11, 2021

BRH Visitor Directive

Purpose: To keep Bartlett Regional Hospital’s environment as safe as possible for patients and staff while providing safe, effective, and patient centered care.

Visitor Age Restrictions: The current directive is for all visitors age 16 or older. Visitors under this age would need an exception by the unit director or house supervisor on duty.
General Inpatients (Med/Surg, MHU, WMU, CCU, OB)

Non Isolation Patients:
Each patient will be allowed two (2) visitors during their course of stay. These visitors would be expected to be a spouse, caregiver or family that resides with the patient in their home or a close contact with the patient. (in the patient’s close contact “bubble”).

Isolation Patients:
Each patient situation will be looked at the unit level and will be determined the risk to visitors vs. the needs of the patient. Covid-19 positive patients will not have visitors during their infectious period. Isolation is not the determining factor to restrict visitors. It is recommended that no more than two (2) visitors be approved for the patient. The criteria for visitors would be the same as above for non-isolation patients.

Comfort Care/End of Life Patients
Impending death unless Covid-19 infections will allow modified visitation based on the unit/patient and family needs. Visitors should include no more than four (4) visitors at any given time. Visitation time blocks may be considered and unit visitation hours may be extended. The unit will create a visitation plan based on patient needs with the consultation of case management and house supervisors. This plan will be kept on the patient’s chart. Visitation to patients in isolation will not be permitted, unless the visitor meets the exclusion criteria. There will not be a swapping in and out of the designated visitors.

Outpatient Services
A patient who requires assistance during a scheduled appointment may have one (1) visitor with them who has been screened. This person will follow any directions given by the staff of the unit and may at times be requested to wait in a designated area for patient privacy or
Approved by Incident Command 2021.3.11 - Gail Moorehead, Planning Chief Version 8
Bartlett Regional Hospital provides its community with quality, patient - centered care in a sustainable manner
safety. Patients who need assistance with discharge or care instructions may have a support visitor at the time of care.
** Bartlett Regional Hospital reserved the right to limit visitors on a unit, based on the patient’s condition or other care needs of the unit.

Visitor Screening and Expectations:
All visitors will remain in the patient room or designated treatment or waiting area and adhere immediately to any request made by BRH staff.
It is required that all visitors comply with the universal masking policies set forth by state and local regulations as well as the hospital policy while on hospital property.

Visitors will follow all screening procedures in place at the designated visitor entry points of the hospital each time they enter the facility.
Visitors who have traveled outside of Juneau will need to follow the City/Borough of Juneau travel mandates. Visitors who have recently traveled and are in quarantine status will not be allowed entry until they have completed their quarantine time.

The cafeteria will be open to any visitor during normal business hours. They will need to show green armband establishing them as a screened visitor and social distancing will be required at all times while in the Café.

Exclusions that are not limited by this policy:
1. The legally authorized representative of a protected/high risk patient.
2. Law Enforcement
3. Minor Children requiring multiple caregivers that may extend out from immediate family
4. Dementia or dementia type diagnosis may need special considerations.
5. Clergy at the request of the patient or family.

Variations or Exclusions of Visitor Policy
Any alterations to the visitor policy may be approved by the house supervisor on duty in collaboration with unit director. The administrator on call will be consulted when uncertainty or conflict with the care team exists regarding variations of the policy. Exclusions will be

Approved by Incident Command 2021.3.11 - Gail Moorehead, Planning Chief Version 8