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BRH Visitor Directive, May 5, 2020

Community news | Wednesday, May 6, 2020

BRH Visitor Directive

Purpose: To keep Bartlett Hospital’s environment as safe as possible for patients and staff. This change is required to assure our ability to serve the community in need of health care through these challenging times.

Directive: Effective Monday, May 4th at 6:00 AM, Bartlett Hospital will be altering its visitor policy. To provide safe, effective, and quality care visitation will be allowed in a limited fashion.

Each patient will be allowed to designate one visitor which will be designated visitor. This visitor would be expected to be a spouse or caregiver that resides with the patient in their home. (Any exception would require House Supervisor / Admin on call approval)

The above patient visitation will be limited to the day of admission, and the day or time of discharge to comply fully with Health Mandate 15.

It will be the expectation of Bartlett Regional Hospital that all visitors remain in the patient room or designated patient treatment area and adhere immediately to any request made by BRH staff.

It is required all visitors comply with the universal masking policies set forth by both state and local regulations while in hospital.

Please note:

Bartlett Regional Hospital reserves the right to limit visitors in certain units and at certain times to ensure patient or staff safety. Please verify the specific visitation regulations in place on the unit you wish to visit prior to arrival.

There will not be a swapping in and out of support person or approved visitor.

Attempts will continue to be made to supply as much information and to connect patients with their loved ones to the extent possible using communication devices such as cell phones, IPad, etc.

The cafeteria will be open to any approved visitor during normal business hours as long as the visitor is wearing an armband, marking them as a visitor, and social distancing will be required at all times while accessing the Café.

Any patient fitting one of the below criteria may have special considerations placed on visitation.

Noted Exclusions Are:

  1. The significant other / partner to a laboring mother
  2. The legally authorized representative of a protected / high risk patient
  3. Impending death unless Covid-19 infection is likely cause of death* (one visitor)
  4. Law Enforcement
  5. Request for other exceptions may be made by administrator on call after consultations appropriate staff

*In an effort to protect the family from the risk of contracting Covid- 19, we will be allowing no visitors in the room with Covid patients while dying unless another exception criteria is met.