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Stay healthy with a BodyLogic™ advanced body composition scan

Are you looking to make changes for a healthier lifestyle? A great start is an advanced body composition scan!

Our Diagnostic Imaging department has gold-standard technology to most accurately measure your body fat, lean mass and bone density. It's a great way to track your progress on your diet or exercise program, physical therapy, or injury rehabilitation.

The advanced body composition scan:

  • Most accurately measures fat, lean mass and bone.
  • Provides a visualized graph of body composition and distribution.
  • Is a great tool for starting a diet or exercise program.
  • Tracks weight loss and fitness progress.
  • Replaces BMI with fat mass index (FMI) for a more accurate assessment of obesity.
  • Helps with injury rehabilitation.

Categories: Cancer care

What's your body composition?

To make an appointment, call Bartlett Radiology at 907.796.8802. No referral necessary for testing, except for bone density scans. Only bone density scans are covered by insurance.