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Prevention, preparedness and partnerships

For almost two years, we've been living with personal protective equipment, wearing masks, and getting tested and vaccinated; as a community, we've been in prevention mode. Since Bartlett Foundation's inception, however, prevention has been one of its key tenets when making funding decisions.

While the past year has been challenging and we couldn't get together in person for fundraisers, we continued to work on ways to provide financial support for projects that aren't otherwise funded for our regional hospital.

Safety and excellence in obstetrics

We sponsored coursework and advanced certification in Labor and Delivery, followed by a matching grant to Bartlett Beginnings that led to increased levels of safety and excellence in the care for mothers and their newborns. Last spring almost 30 Juneau nurses, midwives, medevac flight crews and other regional health professionals took the coursework leading to certification in obstetrics (OB) and electronic fetal monitoring. This fall we sponsored basic and advanced life support certification for OB staff as well.

We welcome about 350 to 400 births each year, and although the majority of mothers and babies are healthy, medical conditions such as gestational diabetes, hypertensive disorders and obesity are increasing in pregnant women. These conditions have health consequences for laboring women and the babies they deliver, further emphasizing the need for our health care providers to be knowledgeable and skilled at assisting with these deliveries.

Youth Stabilization Center

In the spring, we plan to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Youth Stabilization Center. Through the generosity of our partners at Magistro Foundation, Tlingit & Haida, and First Bank, we've provided furnishings and equipment for six of the eight patient rooms!

Prevention, preparedness and partnerships compose the three-legged stool upon which all of our programs stand. As I sit at my desk, thinking about 2021's departure and the arrival of 2022, I look forward to a new year bringing health and prosperity for Bartlett Regional Hospital and the region it serves. May your new year be a happy and healthy one!

Maria Uchytil
Executive Director
Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation

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