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Patient and family engagement initiative at Bartlett Regional Hospital

At Bartlett we want patients to feel empowered to ask questions, advocate for what is important to them and be engaged in their plan of care and treatment. We consider patients and families to be part of the care team. Patient involvement is part of the Patient Bill of Rights at Bartlett. For years, we have invited patients to be involved in their care, ask questions and have a family advocate at their bedside.

Our Bedside Shift Reporting initiative has been in place since 2013, wherein nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) give a shift report about the patient's status and care plan, allowing for patients and families to get an update and time to ask questions.

Patients receive a discharge checklist at admission to ensure a safe transition back home from the hospital. At discharge, their medical providers provide a plan of care. For high-risk patients, the pharmacy provides medication education before discharge.

Patient safety and well-being is our top priority

Bartlett's visitor policy is monitored closely—and adapted as needed—to ensure the safety and good health of all our community members. We strive to make accommodations in the best interest of the patient's well-being and recovery.

For the safety of our patients, families and community, patients treated for COVID-19 have limited visitations. We have developed reliable alternatives for interacting through FaceTime, Zoom and other applications. Bartlett encourages all patients to bring their own smartphone or digital tablet and charger to connect with family and friends while hospitalized. If they do not have a smartphone, Bartlett has tablets available for patients to keep in contact with loved ones or provide activities to help pass the time. Using this technology to keep patients and families connected is essential to providing high-quality care for our patients in isolation.

If you find yourself or your loved one in Bartlett for care, we invite you to let us know how we can best work together with you to ensure that your experience and care are the very best they can be. After all, we are partners together for the health of patients, families and the community.

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An invitation for community input

If you have been a patient or family member of a patient in the past five years, you are invited to join us in making Bartlett the best health care provider in the community. We have learned from many evidence-based studies that patient and family engagement within health care can improve healing and the patient’s experience. We want to find even more ways to ensure patient and staff safety. To get involved or if you have questions, please call me at 907.796.8918 or write me an email at

Thank you!

Autumn Muse
Patient and Family Engagement Coordinator