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Dr. Huffer, urologist

A new urologist is in town. John Huffer, MD, made the move to Juneau over the summer after practicing for 13 years in Fairbanks. He is thankful to Bartlett for helping him make the transition. "I'm happy and grateful for the opportunity to be here," he says. "I really like Juneau and the people that I have met."

For those wondering what a urologist does, Dr. Huffer explains: "We are basically plumbers. The bulk of what we do is related to the urinary tract. People have various problems that afflict them, mainly cancers, stones or some kind of structural change that leads to obstruction of the urinary system, which can make people very sick."

Dr. Huffer treats infections and several cancers, including prostate, kidney, bladder, ureteral, penile and testicular cancers.

Dr. Huffer inherited many patients and his assistant from Dr. Michael Saltzman, who closed his practice last year.

Dr. Huffer's clinic is located at 3000 Vintage Blvd. He performs surgeries in the Bartlett operating room.

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