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Stay safe: Enjoy these 100 days of summer

Summer! I am still getting my mind around all we've been through since the pandemic began more than a year ago. There is still a great deal to figure out about the future of the Foundation's typical summer events, but one thing is for sure—the dark and cold days of winter are behind us!

If you're like me, longer days mean spending more time outside. We live in a beautiful place that offers amazing outdoor recreational activities, and after a year of uncertainties, lockdowns and shutdowns, we're ready to get out there and enjoy all that Juneau has to offer. At the Foundation, we're always focused on prevention and preparedness, and I'd like to encourage everyone to keep an eye on safety.

During the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the wonderful "100 days of summer," we enjoy all types of outdoor activities. But it's also a critical time for injuries, when, in fact, more mishaps occur than they do the rest of the entire year.

  • Always make sure you are appropriately dressed for whatever activity you're pursuing. Weather changes (or just stays wet and cold), so you always need to be prepared—no matter what the conditions are when you first set out.
  • Fishing or boating? In addition to whatever you're wearing, make sure there are personal flotation devices on board for all passengers.
  • If you're like me—you have a love of gardening and are prone to staying in the garden well past 10 p.m.—we should never forget the insect repellent or the sunscreen. Even on less than sunny days, those UVA rays can penetrate clouds and even reach below the water's surface, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. UVB rays can damage your skin as well.

In short, take advantage of these 100 days by taking the necessary precautions to stay safe!

As the days lengthen and, I hope, continue to get warmer, I also hope for a return to normalcy and a full schedule of once again being able to support our regional hospital with educational opportunities for staff and special events for the community.

Maria Uchytil
Executive Director
Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation

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What's next?

Learn more at or call Maria Uchytil, Executive Director of the Foundation, at the number below. And while you're at it, stay safe and have a great summer—whatever you do!