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Going above and beyond

Eloisa Rodriguez ‘has been our rock’

By Katie Bausler, Community Relations

"Attitude is everything" is an understatement for Environmental Services (EVS) staff member Eloisa Rodriguez. She may be wearing a surgical mask, but her smile is omnipresent—through her eyes.

"I like my work—I like my routine," she says.

Doing a perfect job

Eloisa’s routine includes cleaning the Critical Care and Obstetrics units, the hallways, the bathrooms, and the lockers. She prefers busy days. When it’s not as busy, she does extra cleaning, scrubbing walls and getting under desks.

"You can always tell when a room has been cleaned by Eloisa because it is perfect!" writes a colleague. The comment was one of a torrent that piled in when she garnered multiple staff nominations as one of two winners of this year’s Forget-Me-Not award, presented to nonclinical staff for going above and beyond their job duties.

"I do not think there is anyone at BRH—patient or staff member—who has not had their day brightened by Eloisa," writes another colleague.

"Eloisa’s hugs are the best," notes Human Resources Manager Cindy Carte, hands crossed over her heart.

Appreciating her work

Eloisa writes down the birthday of every staff member with whom she closely works. They each receive a card, year after year. And she doesn’t stop there. Eloisa hosts biannual staff birthday parties too. On the menu are her homemade tamales and salsa.

She’s one of more than two dozen Bartlett employees who keep our hospital clean and safe around the clock. Like Eloisa, most are first-generation immigrants. In a time when institutional cleanliness is more in focus, the hard work done by workers like Eloisa has become even more valued.

The pandemic "elevates us to the level of police and firefighters," observes EVS Supervisor Brad Johnston. "Cleanliness is paramount in a hospital. It’s a lot of pressure and never stops. You can do a good job, and 10 minutes later it can be undone."

"We never finish cleaning," Eloisa says. She shares her experience and positive attitude as a go-to trainer for new EVS employees, and she’s happy to come in on her day off when staffing is short.

Leaving a legacy

Born in Mexico and raised in McAllen, Texas, Eloisa arrived in Juneau in 1995. After 13 years of cleaning rooms at the Prospector Hotel followed by 14 years at Bartlett Regional Hospital, Eloisa, who
is 69, sees retirement on her horizon.

The eldest of seven, Eloisa is grateful to have been visiting her father when he passed on earlier this year.

"My family in Mexico and Texas needs me," she says.

Her eventual absence will be felt deeply at Bartlett. "Especially during this past year," writes a Bartlett health care provider, "Eloisa has been our rock."

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