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House Calls

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CEO’s corner

I appreciate the warm welcome I have received as I step in as the interim CEO.

In times of uncertainty, Bartlett Regional Hospital remains strong and prepared to care for our community. Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present new challenges, our care teams are resilient and dedicated to our mission. We strive to provide high-quality care that meets the needs of patients and the loved ones who support them.

We are seeing increased deaths and serious illness related to COVID-19, particularly in the unvaccinated population. The Delta variant is more transmissible, with higher viral loads, making symptoms more intense and having a greater impact on the health of our community. Our Incident Command Team at Bartlett and the City and Borough of Juneau continue to procure resources to care for patients, but staffing and hospital bed availability are limited across the state and the Pacific Northwest. We acknowledge the economic impact andfatigue associated with mitigation measures, but we need all of you to help us get this surge under control. Together, we can make a difference. I urge each of you to renew your commitment to safe practices, masking, social distancing and protecting our community from ongoing spread. Get tested if you are exposed or have symptoms, and isolate if you become positive. Vaccination is proving to improve outcomes, so please consider getting vaccinated if you have not.

Eloisa Rodriguez, the employee on the cover of this issue, embodies the headline for her profile article on page 5, "Going above and beyond," and it's a theme for this issue. Former House Calls writer Peter Metcalfe tells the incredible story of how his sister and running buddy, Kim, saved his life when he had a sudden heart attack and was taken to our Emergency Department. On page 11, our cafeteria workers step up and get creative during the pandemic. On pages 6 and 7, you'll learn all about how to make a will and file an advance directive with the help of the Foundation for End of Life Care.

Bartlett Regional Hospital is prepared to assist you, our friends and neighbors, whenever you need us.

Kathy Callahan
Interim CEO

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