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Guns send over 8,300 U.S. kids to ERs every year

Paramedics, doctors and nurses rush a gurney down a hospital hallway.

Nov. 28, 2018—An average of 8,300 children and teens are treated in hospital emergency rooms (ERs) for gunshot wounds every year in the U.S., a new study shows. It also found that for every 100,000 youths arriving in ERs, 11 come for gunshot wounds.

About 86 percent of the victims are male. Boys aged 15 to 17 have the highest injury rate. Forty-nine percent of the injuries are the result of an assault. Another 39 percent are unintended injuries. And 2 percent involve suicide attempts. Overall, 6 percent of those injured die in the emergency department or while hospitalized.

The study appeared in JAMA Pediatrics.Its findings come from national data on 75,086 gunshot victims under age 18 who were treated in ERs from 2006 through 2014.

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