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Focusing on what matters: Our community


The year 2020 is finally behind us. In spite of the coronavirus, the Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation has strived to maintain normalcy by focusing on prevention, our programs and the Foundation's resilience throughout the year. We've had to make a few programmatic changes, but have still managed to focus on our mission to provide financial support for our hospital and the region it serves.

A new approach to old favorites

For example, although our annual Wildlife Cruise and the end-of-summer Whole Beast Feast Pig Roast were cancelled in 2020, we worked with the Armed Services YMCA of Alaska and Senator Kiehl's office to bring back the Fahrenkamp Putting Tournament. While the tournament didn't take place, a reception and auction helped kick off the return of this fun legislative event. We look forward to trying to hold it again next year along with all the other special events we've had to postpone.

COVID-19 may have taken center stage, but the all-important other “C” (for “coffee”) debuted in 2020, as well. The Blue Heron Gift Shop was relocated and remodeled to accommodate the addition of Tlingit & Haida's Sacred Grounds. We look forward to the time when hospital visitations return and visitors will be able check out Blue Heron Gifts and Sacred Grounds, conveniently located in the main hospital lobby right outside Bartlett Beginnings.

And speaking of Bartlett Beginnings, Juneau artist MK McNaughton was commissioned by the BRH Foundation to design and install a full-scale (two-wall) mural in our obstetrics waiting room, making the area warm and soothing for new parents. 

Yes, it was a year of “reimagining” and pursuing our projects in a new way; but it was also a year of realizing how important the health of our families, friends and ourselves is. This is the time to make sure you're taking care of yourselves, as well as those for whom you care. Take the time to have those tests and procedures you may have been putting off such as your mammogram, colonoscopy, or PSA test. These are procedures that truly save lives, something we're all focused on at this time as we try to stay safe and healthy.

The new year is finally here. On behalf of the Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation, may 2021 bring an end to this pandemic and a happy and healthy year for all.

María E. Uchytil
Executive Director
Bartlett Regional Hospital Foundation

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