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Bartlett now offers a new Patient Payment Portal and payment phone number for facility billing! Contact our team today at (907) 796-8203 to learn more.

Toddler Play Group

We are so happy you are planning to join us for Toddler Group!

Bartlett Beginnings, in collaboration with Southeast Alaska Gymnastics Academy, offers this weekly playgroup to facilitate connection and support for Juneau’s families with young children.

There is tremendous value in gathering, protecting, and promoting caregiver mental health. Additionally, opportunities for babies and toddlers to have exposure to unique and educational experiences is incredibly important.

Our current process involves a one-time registration which allows for participant review and acceptance of the waiver details.

Monthly schedule details will be shared through the email provided with your initial registration. Any changes to programing will be communicated via email, and possibly through text messaging should last minute changes take place.

If you have access to Facebook, please consider joining our active Facebook group Bartlett Baby & Toddler Groups.


The following mitigation efforts are meant to limit the risks and enhance the benefits of our programing.

We are asking families to self-screen and to help us maintain an illness/symptom free environment for our sessions currently. This means that if you or any close household contacts have been experiencing illness symptoms it would not be the best week to attend, and we welcome to you return when you and your family are feeling better.