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"Real Talk" Mothers' Support Group

Let's be REAL.... being a parent is hard. Even the wonderful parts come with challenges, and sometimes it can all feel like a lot to carry. Whether you are dealing with overwhelm, stress, adjustment to parenting, Baby Blues, pregnancy or postpartum depression/anxiety, or perhaps are simply feeling isolated and lonely, we are here. This group offers a space to connect and share about it all.

Sessions are facilitated by: Sara Gress, MS, RN, IBCLC and Teri Forst, LPC-S, MAC, NCC

Participation in this group does require a one-time registration. A recurring Zoom link to attend any future sessions will be sent to you following your registration.

*This is a new group. If you do not see a live registration link, but are interested in participating, please email or call the contact info below to register.