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Just for Dads

During this class, expectant fathers and new fathers share their experiences and discuss the importance of the father's role in his child's development. They learn parenting skills such as diapering, calming and bathing their infant.

PLEASE NOTE: All of Bartlett Beginnings scheduled prenatal classes are on hold and will be rescheduled or offered through an online format through March 2020. This is in support of limiting community movements and contributing to the social distancing we all are working to achieve. Please contact Sara Gress with any questions or concerns related to Perinatal Education.

** Due to Covid-19 precautions, all of the Bartlett Beginnings classes are being held in an online format. This above described course will still meet at the same date and start times indicated, but will occur through Zoom. Plan for session to be approx 60-90min long and will involve some "homework" in regard to watching some video links that do not translate well to Zoom.

Online participation would require an internet connection and access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Bartlett Beginnings recognizes these resources are not available to everyone. If you are not able to access the provided meetings in this format but still wish to participate, please contact us. Print educational materials can be sent out and phone sessions for support can be arranged.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us! We are here to help.


To sign up, choose a time and click "Register."

Start time: 6:00 PM
End time: 8:30 PM
Location: Robert F. Valliant Administration Center Classroom
Cost: Free
Contact: Sara Gress
Phone: 907.796.8975