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Infant CPR

As the final class of the Childbirth Preparation series, this session includes how to do CPR on an infant with the American Heart Association Friends and Family video instruction and hands-on practice on manikins. Anyone interested in learning Infant CPR is welcome to attend.

** Due to Covid-19 precautions, all of the Bartlett Beginnings classes are being held in an online format. At this time, Infant CPR is not possible for us to teach in a face-to-face hands on format as we typically do.

If you have an educational need for Infant CPR, please contact us through the information provided below and we will work to make sure you have the resources you need to receive this education in the best way we can at this time.

Start time: 6:00 PM
End time: 7:00 PM
Cost: Free
Contact: Sara Gress
Phone: 907.796.8975