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Breastfeeding Success and Newborn Care & Safety Class

Topics in this class which runs for 3 weeks include initiating and continuing to breastfeed as well as care for the newborn. We recommend that parents plan to complete this class about 4 weeks before the due date.

In the comments section of your registration please provide your estimated delivery date, the name of your provider and the name of your partner or birth coach that will be attending classes with you.

You can also include any information that would be helpful for the instructors to know, any questions you want answered or any specific information you want covered in the course.

** Due to Covid-19 precautions, all of the Bartlett Beginnings classes are being held in an online format.

This above described course will still meet at the same dates and start times indicated and will occur through Zoom. This class will involve some self-study of video link and some electronic materials to enrich the Zoom meeting format.

Online participation would require an internet connection and access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Bartlett Beginnings recognizes these resources are not available to everyone. If you are not able to access the provided meetings in this format but still wish to participate, please contact us. Print educational materials can be sent out and phone sessions for support can be arranged.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us! We are here to help.