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Inpatient OB Comprehensive Review & Test Prep

Join us in Juneau, Alaska for the Inpatient OB

Comprehensive Review and Test Preparation

This two day seminar opportunity is brought to you by the Professional Education Center

Presented by Cindy Parke, RNC, CNM, MSN

Cindy Parke, RNC, CNM, MSN:

Cindy has taught essentials of women’s health, pregnancy, and childbirth topics to nurses nationwide. An active member of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses, Sigma Theta Tau and the International Cesarean Awareness Network, Cindy’s focus is on comprehensive maternal/fetal care throughout the labor and delivery process. Recognizing normal labor, then the risks, choosing appropriate interventions, responding to both the normal and the critical clinical challenges. Cindy’s classes are ones you will use daily in your OB practice – clinically focused, patient centered, and result-oriented. Join Cindy as she combines her extensive clinical expertise and effective teaching skills with the intense clinical knowledge you need for superior care in the labor process!

Who Should Attend?

• All Labor & Delivery & LDRP Nurses
• Individuals required to maintain ed. hours for licensure, Magnet Status, Joint Commission Perinatal Care Certification
• Novice and experienced RN’s starting an OB career; Nurses needing Cross-Training
• Nurses planning to take the Inpatient OB RNC Exam (written exam option on-site)

Course content will have key elements to update and validate your clinical knowledge base as you prepare for the NCC certification exam. Course content will compliment NCC’s Candidate Guide for Inpatient Obstetric Nursing. Due to time limitations, pre-class review of postpartum and newborn concepts is strongly recommended.

Program Objectives

Following a comprehensive lecture, discussion, audiovisual aids, such as videos, you will be able to:

• Demonstrate knowledge of biological, physiological, psychological, and sociocultural factors that influence the pregnant family, developing fetus and impact care.
• Identify alterations in the biological, physiological, psychological, and sociocultural status of the mother, fetus and implications for the newborn.
• Identify patient’s actual or potential problems/needs, utilizing information received from the patient, the family, appropriate records, and other health team members.
• Develop a comprehensive plan for individualized nursing care, including diagnostic, therapeutic, and patient education components.
• Evaluate interventions and modify the plan of care.
• Apply current standards of practice, research findings and ethical/legal principles in providing nursing care to the normal and high risk antepartal, intrapartal, and postpartal family.

**Taking the review course does not guarantee passing the exam**

Tentative Agenda

Day One

8:00 PHYSIOLOGY OF PREGNANCY: Systems Adaptation

  • Cardiovascular, Hematologic & Respiratory
  • Renal, GI, & Endocrine

MATERNAL FACTORS: Affecting Fetus/Newborn

  • Disease Processes: Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiac Blood Disorders, Acute Fatty Liver, Obesity, Thyroid Auto-immune, Rh incompatibility
  • Pregnancy Risks: Substance Abuse, Alcohol, Tobacco Domestic Violence, Environmental

Prescriptive/Non-Prescriptive Drugs Abuse

12:00 Lunch


  • Fetal Utero-Placental Physiology: Oxygenation Pathway Intrinsic/Extrinsic Factors
  • Non-Electronic Monitoring: Auscultation, Palpation
  • Electronic Fetal Monitoring: Assessment, Signal Ambi- guity, Periodic/Episodic Changes, Uterine Activity

4:30 Adjourn

Day Two


  • Physiology of Labor
  • Labor Management: Assessment, Psychosocial
  • Stages of labor: Characteristics, Support Interventions
  • Dysfunctional labor. Maternal-Fetal Implications
  • Obstetrical Procedures: External Cephalic Version Episiotomy, Operative Vaginal Deliveries, Cesarean. VBAC, Induction of Labor, Cervical Ripening Methods
  • Non-Pharmacologic Pain Management
  • Pharmacologic Pain Management: Systemic, Neuraxial, General Anesthesia, Nursing Care

12:00 Lunch


  • Malposition, Shoulder Dystocia, Multiple Gestations
  • Umbilical Cord Problems, Cord Prolapse
  • AF Disorders, Oligohydramnios, Hydramnios
  • Ruptured Membranes, Preterm, Term, Prolonged
  • Chorioamnionitis, Anaphylactoid Syndrome
  • Placental Implantation Abnormalities, Abruption, Previa, Uterine Rupture, Hemorrhage
  • Preterm Labor, Prolonged Pregnancy

4:30 Adjourn

*The NCC InPatient OB exam is separate from and has no affiliation with this course. It is PEC’s goal to support higher standards of continuing education and to assist nurse’s seeking certification, thus PEC has established the option for PEC IPOB course attendees to sit the NCC exam. NCC sends an admission email following receipt/approval of exam application, which must be printed off and brought to the test site. Contact NCC if you have applied and have not received your email. Testing site inclusion does not constitute NCC endorsement of course, course content, or materials provided. NCC and PEC are not affiliated organizations. A col- laborative effort has provided an educational (PEC) and testing (NCC) opportunity to clinicians nationwide. PEC has no authority to approve, disapprove or vary any requirement for qualifying for or taking any NCC exam.

Registration for the onsite NCC exam following attendance at the course is separate with NCC, ($275) we suggest registering via the following website:

Note that you have to sign up at least 21 days in advance and in order to take the exam you have to attend at least one day of the seminar.

Exam Eligibility and Preparation (before the seminar): Be sure to download and review the Candidate Guide

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS: 17 Hours BRN Credits. (Includes 2 Hours Pharmacology)

Professional Education Center (PEC) is a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #9890, This course approved for 16 (8 per day) Contact Hours. Florida FBN #2219 approved for a total of 14 (7 per day) Contact Hours. Meets Texas Type I provider criteria. This course is designed to meet Board of Nursing CE requirements in all 50 states.

Neither program planners nor presenters have any commercial conflict of interest.

Confirmed Registration and Payment due by March 1, 2019

Please contact our financial department at 796-8436 to submit payment

Start time: 8:00 AM
End time: 4:30 PM
Location: Bartlett Regional Hospital - Robert F. Valiant Administration Building
Cost: $50/day
Contact: Anjela Johnston
Phone: (907) 796-8424