Medical/Surgical Unit

The Medical/Surgical unit at Bartlett provides quality care to patients who are acutely ill or in varying stages of recuperation from surgical and diagnostic interventions. We provide care for patients from infants through end of life care. We treat patients from all areas of Southeast Alaska as well as the lower 48 and other countries, especially during the summer months.

Our unit has all private rooms. Each patient has their own phone and the number is posted in each room so calls can be made directly to the patient. Each room has a private bathroom with shower.

Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff is responsible for providing collaborative care. Many nurses on our staff hold specialty certifications. Our staff has come from all over the US and the world, giving our staff a wide range of experiences. Our nurses work as part of a multidisciplinary team to coordinate care from admission until after a patient is discharged to develop a plan of care and needs that is designed for the individual patient.

By implementing many evidence-based care practices into our daily routines, our nurses are able to provide very good care for our patients. We have integrated an Hourly Rounding initiative into our unit to anticipate your needs and monitor your well-being on an active basis so that you and your family and visitors can focus on your recovery. Our staff continues to research and implement best care practices to maintain a high level of care for our patients, so they may stay in southeast Alaska for their needs.


To respect the privacy and confidentiality of all our patients, we can not provide information over the phone without direct permission from the patient or family member of a child.


One parent, or a designated adult, is allowed to room-in while a child is hospitalized. Parents may visit anytime. Siblings are not allowed to room-in. Dietary will provide a guest tray for the rooming in adult at meal times.

Manager: Liz Bishop, RN
Contact us at: 907- 796-8341

Visiting hours are open, but most appropriate from 11:00am to 8:00pm. We recognize that family's and friend's support is important to recovery. Patients also need their rest, so we ask visitors be respectful to the privacy and comfort of the patient.

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