Respiratory Therapy

Our respiratory care practitioners are health care specialists who care for patients of all ages with breathing disorders. These disorders may come about due to serious illness or accident.

With one of the most technologically advanced and comprehensive departments in southeast Alaska, our team of professionals are instrumental in helping treat, manage, diagnose, and provide education for patients with cardiopulmonary problems. For an overview of the services we provide, click on “Services We Offer” below.

Contact us at: (907) 796-8446
Hours of Operation: Every day 24 hours a day for inpatients, outpatients by appointment, limited weekend appointments available

Service We Offer

Our respiratory care team provides testing and treatment for patients with lung diseases sucha s emphysema and asthma. We also provide ventilation for patients who cannot breathe on their own. These may include adults, children or newborns that need help breathing.

We provide oxygen therapy, medication aerosois, humidification therapy, patient education and diagnostic testing. In the Critical Care Unit, the Nursery, and the Emergency Department, we provide a wide range of interventions and respiratory support such as airway management, mechanical ventilation and arterial blood gases.

Outpatient diagnostic services include Pulmonary Function tests, electrocardiograms, cardiac treadmill testing, and oxygen saturation tests.

How to access our services

Your physician will write a prescription to order services for you. You may call and ask any questions you may have concerning respiratory health. After receiving instruction from your doctor, call and make any appointment at your convenience. Limited appointments are available on the weekends. Our compassionate, experienced, and dedicated health care professionals are ready to assist you.

Patient Resources

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