Bartlett Regional Hospital’s pharmacy provides services for in-patient needs only.

Five registered pharmacists are assisted by five specially trained technicians to provide services to all Bartlett Regional Hospital departments.

The Pharmacy Department is a valuable information resource. Among other things, our pharmacists provide drug information, intravenous nutrition, and chemotherapy services for the treatment of cancer. We are also responsible for insuring the safety of all medications.

All medication orders are reviewed by a pharmacist who carefully calculates and verifies dosage based on age, weight, body surface area or renal function, as appropriate.

Our pharmacists screen all medications ordered for a patient for indicated use, allergies and drug interactions. Intravenous mixtures are prepared in the pharmacy according to exacting specifications.

In addition, Bartlett’s pharmacists are available to provide patient education. We know how important it is that our patients understand medication regimens prescribed for them after their release from Bartlett.

Director: Ursula Iha
Contact us at: (907) 796-8412
Fax: (907) 796-8443
Our Hours are:   Daily 7:00am to 10:00 pm

Hospital pharmacy services are available on-call 24 hours daily.

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