Mental Health Unit

Bartlett Regional Hospital provides both in-patient and outpatient mental health services. Our twelve-bed in-patient Mental Health Unit provides treatment for a wide range of hospitalized patients. The unit is staffed by two psychiatrists and a specialized nursing staff. Psychiatrist Dr. John Pappenheim serves as the Medical Director for the hospital’s in-patient unit.


For both in-patient and outpatient services Bartlett Regional Hospital’s mental health programs stress proper assessment and evaluation by a physician and/or qualified mental health professional as an important first step for anyone experiencing a problem. In-patient services on the Mental Health Unit are well coordinated with patient’s physical and emotional needs fully taken into account.


At Bartlett, treatment is individualized based on the specific needs of each person. For Seasonal Affective Disorder, for example, the use of therapeutic lights is a cornerstone treatment for many people. For some people, especially those with the milder seasonal blues, this treatment alone will alleviate their symptoms. For others, changes include diet, exercise, or learning to cope with stress. In more severe cases, medication or counseling may also be important treatment components. In cases where patients require hospitalization, Bartlett uses a team approach to treatment that takes into consideration the whole range of individual needs. We take a holistic approach toward each and every person we see both on the Unit and in the Outpatient program.

Calls and Visits

For patients on our Mental Health Unit, please check with the nurses on the Unit regarding calls and visits. Telephone calls and visits may need to be restricted in order to better serve the patient.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a way of providing help to more than one patient at a time. The group approach is often used as part of the Mental Health treatment plan. Appropriately trained Unit staff leads groups.

Director: Jennifer Brown
Contact us at: (907) 796-8430
Hours of Operation: Every day 24 hours a day

Rainforest Activity Center

Bartlett Regional Hospital also provides outpatient mental health services at our Rainforest Activity Center located at 3240 Hospital Drive, just behind the main hospital building. The center’s staff of mental health professionals provides assistance for headaches, stress reduction, depression, family counseling and other emotional health issues.

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