Emergency Services


Bartlett Regional Hospital Emergency Department has the capacity to treat 12 patients in private settings which include 3 Trauma bays, a Minor Surgery room, an Orthopedic room, 5 exam rooms, a Behavioral Health room, and an ENT (Eye/Ear/Nose/Throat) room. The department utilizes state of the art monitoring equipment throughout, and has been certified as a Level IV Trauma Center.

Patients undergo a Triage assessment on arrival that assists staff in determining the severity and urgency of the reason for visit. Many factors determine the score that is assigned in Triage, and those with the most urgent needs are taken to a room first. Unfortunately this may mean that some patients will have to wait longer than others in the waiting room. During these times of unavoidable waits we will do everything possible to care for you and keep you informed of reasons for delays or anticipated wait times.

Bartlett Regional Hospital contracts with Juneau Emergency Medical Associates to provide the physician services to the Emergency Department. The doctors staffing the Emergency Department are generally local physicians who are board certified in Emergency Medicine or an associated medical field. Most of these doctors are long term residents of Juneau and are interested in providing the best in services to the citizens of Juneau and surrounding communities, including visitors to the area.

The nursing staff of the Emergency Department are Registered Nurses and are required to maintain current certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Many of the nurses also maintain advanced certification in Emergency Nursing, Trauma , Pediatrics, and other specialties.

Bartlett Regional Hospital does have limits as to the scope of services available to us locally. Should an injury or illness require treatment not available here, every effort will be made to stabilize the condition and make arrangements for transfer to a higher level of care. This may mean travel to a facility outside of the state of Alaska to get the appropriate care. The Emergency Department works closely with air ambulance services based throughout the state and locally to assure safe and reliable transport of yourself or loved ones.

As always, you are the most important factor in your care and recovery. Do not hesitate to ask the physician and nursing staff any questions you may have surrounding your care.

Director: Rose Lawhorne, RN
ED Phone: (907)796-8427
Poison Number: 1-800-222-1222
Hours of Operation: 24-hours per day, 7-days per week

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