Diagnostic Imaging

Nuclear Medicine

A physician referral and scheduled appointments are required.

Bartlett Regional Hospital’s Diagnostic Radiology Imaging Department provides a wide range of clinical and specialty services which include the following:

  • Two general diagnostic radiography and fluoroscopic rooms where simple x-rays such as hands and feet to the more complex barium studies of the organs of the body are done under live real time TV monitors.
  • Portable x-ray and surgical C-Arm equipment are available for emergency and operating room patients.

Director: Robyn Free
Contact us at: (907) 796-8800
Hours of operation: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Board certified Radiologists

  • Dr. Theresa Shanley 796-2030
  • Dr. Steven Strickler 796-2030


Digital mammography examinations are done in a dedicated room under the guidance of expertly trained and accredited technologists. The program is FDA approved.

CT Scans

Computer axial tomography procedures (CT scans) are scheduled. Examinations take about one hour. 24-hour on-call services are provided evenings, weekends and holidays for the Emergency Department.

Ultrasound and Sonography

Ultrasound/Sonography exams are scheduled and performed by ultra sonography technologist. Ultrasound utilizes high frequency sound waves similar to the depth sounder on marine vessels. Because the human body is 70% water, the transmission of sound and the echoes generated create images that are processed on hard copy film. Ultrasonography is very useful in following pregnancy because it offers no radiation to the patient or fetus. 24-hour on-call services are provided evenings, weekends and holidays for the Emergency Department.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine examinations are scheduled and performed by licensed technologists. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission grants Bartlett Regional Hospital a license to administer radiopharmaceuticals to patients. A radiopharmaceutical is prepared then injected into the patient. Scans are performed immediately and/or up to twenty-four hours after the injection depending on the exam ordered.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examinations are scheduled. Preauthorization by insurance carriers is necessary for all examinations. Call the number on the back of your insurance company’s card for preauthorization.MRI technology utilizes a strong magnetic field to generate images. Patients with foreign metal objects, or surgical clips in their body must be pre-screened. Pre-medication may be necessary for children or claustrophobic patients. Exam times average 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

For scheduling or questions about any of our services, please call us direct at 796-8800.

Radiology Equipment

Bartlett Regional Hospital’s commitment to providing the best care possible is evident in its objective of maintaining state-of-the-art radiology equipment. Spiral CT Scanner, ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, and MRI equipment offer the same quality as in Anchorage, Seattle, or any facility on the West Coast. In addition, equipment is maintained to the strictest industry standards of the manufacturer and certified by state and federal guidelines.

We see patients with everything from broken bones to those needing nuclear medicine scans. Patients are referred to us from all local physicians and from all over Southeast Alaska. We also provide follow-up care for many of Juneau’s summer visitors.

Mobile mammography van

A mobile mammography unit travels to Southeast Alaska towns during the summer months. The van is equipped with digital mammography equipment. The program is FDA accredited, and a board-certified radiologist interprets the images at Bartlett and for SEARHC.

Radiology Staff and Records

Our Personnel
All radiology technologists are registered and are required to maintain their certification through continuing education. A board-certified radiologist interprets diagnostic radiology exams.

All radiology records are maintained for 10 years. Records can be checked out locally or mailed to you or a provider with a patient’s written consent. Copies of film will be made on a CD when requested for a fee.

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