Coming Together For Your Care

A history of service. A supportive community. A broad range of health care offerings. A lot of pieces have come together to make Bartlett Regional Hospital what it is. We're committed to being the best community hospital in Alaska, so take a closer look at who we are!

Originally known as St. Ann's Hospital, the hospital opened in 1886 and was operated by the Sisters of St. Ann until the 1960's. In 1965, the hospital's operations were turned over to the City and Borough of Juneau, and a new facility was built at the hospital's present location on Hospital Drive..

Bartlett is licensed for a total of 57 inpatient beds and 16 residential substance abuse treatment facility beds in the Rainforest Recovery Center. Bartlett serves a 15,000 square-mile region in the northern part of southeast Alaska. Approximately 55,000 people reside in our service area, most communities inaccessible by road.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations accredits Bartlett Regional Hospital and all of its services. Bartlett hosts a Laboratory, which is certified by the College of American Pathologists. Mammography services are certified by the American College of Radiology. Bartlett is a certified Medicare and Medicaid provider.

Juneau is the capital of Alaska, and is the third largest city with a population of approximately 32,000.

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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement: Bartlett Regional Hospital provides its community with quality, patient-centered care in a sustainable manner.

Vision Statement: Bartlett Regional Hospital will be the best community hospital in Alaska

Strategic Measures: We will be tracking our progress in three key areas over the next three years: Organizational Culture, Financial Strength, and Patient Satisfaction/Clinical Quality.

Values: At Bartlett Regional Hospital We C.A.R.E. …
We act in a positive, professional and considerate manner, recognizing the impact of our actions on the care of our patients and the creation of a supportive work environment.
We take responsibility for our actions and their collective outcomes; working as an effective, committed and cooperative team.
We treat everyone with fairness and dignity by honoring diversity and promoting an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. We listen to others, valuing their skills, ideas and opinions.
We choose to do our best and work with a commitment to continuous improvement. We provide high quality, professional healthcare to meet the changing needs of our community and region.

Patient Care Concerns

Bartlett Regional Hospital is licensed by the State of Alaska and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. Any members of the public who have concerns related to quality of care or patient safety at Bartlett Regional Hospital may voice their concerns to the Risk Manager at (907) 796-8695.

Contact Bartlett's Risk Manager

For issues that are not resolved to your satisfaction you may contact the Alaska Department of Licensing and Survey at the complaint Hotline at 1-888-387-9387 or the JCAHO at 1-800-994-6610.

Contact The Joint Commission

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