About Us

Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission:
Bartlett Regional Hospital provides its community with quality, patient-centered care in a sustainable manner.

Our Vision:
Bartlett Regional Hospital will be the best community hospital in Alaska

Our Values:
At Bartlett Regional Hospital We C.A.R.E. …

We act in a positive, professional and considerate manner, recognizing the impact of our actions on the care of our patients and the creation of a supportive work environment.

We take responsibility for our actions and their collective outcomes; working as an effective, committed and cooperative team.

We treat everyone with fairness and dignity by honoring diversity and promoting an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.  We listen to others, valuing their skills, ideas and opinions.

We choose to do our best and work with a commitment to continuous improvement. We provide high quality, professional healthcare to meet the changing needs of our community and region.

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